Conference management requires very specific knowledge due to its nature and size.

Leveraging on our experience in conferences, congresses and exhibitions management,
conceptualization and production, we add vibrancy and inspiration to your event with a
professional touch.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, our talented conference professionals will build their strategy based on your business goals and key messages.

extramile will utilize the elements of responsiveness, detailed coordination and the latest technology platforms for a flawless execution that delivers a
memorable experience.

From basic equipment hire to comprehensive conceptual development, extramile has the knowledge and skills to deliver and exceeds
your expectations.

extramile is proud to a leading pioneer through its online and also onsite conference and events management tool that enhances the execution
and the communication of its events.

Aiming at streamlining your conference registration, our team will leverage extramile state-of-the-art online registration tool to develop a customized
branded website that features a set of comprehensive solutions ranging from event online registration, personalized sessions agendas, excursions
options, real-time hotel and destination information, backed by secure payment processing if required.

The real-time reporting functions allow you to track hotel occupancy, review revenue collected to-date . Moreover, the system can be customized
to generate different types of reports pre and post the event.

extramile outsources sponsorship and marketing opportunities for the conferences organized if required.